Some of the specialized Coaches we have at I AM Limitless include:

  • Career and Confidence Coach
    • Specializes in employment search, goals, resume and job development, networking and key life skills.
  • Yoga Therapy Coach
    • Specializes in meeting the needs of the individual by providing the tools necessary to heal effectively.
  • Writing Coach
    • Specializing in writing business letters, grants, job applications, creative writing and business letters.
  • Health & Wellness Coach
    • Specializes in resources pertaining to living a healthy life-style whether it is through exercise, yoga or maintaining a healthy diet, we have trained specialists, such as Doctors and Yoga Teachers, as are our Coaches to guide you.
  • Corporate or Community Coach
    • Specializes in diversity and inclusion, networking, creating / building brand, communications, creating impact and networking.
  • Executive Coach
    • Specializes in building personal and professional brand for mid-to-high level Executives wanting to take the next step.
  • Business Coach
    • Specializes in helping small-to-medium sized businesses build their profile and launch a successful business.
  • Artist Coach
    • Specializes in building an artist brand, making connections, building a professional artist profile, learning about auditions, grant writing and community / audience relations.
  • Relationship Coach
    • Specializes in building relationships, mediating existing relationships, communication techniques, conflict resolution and problem solving.

I AM Limitless Coaches work with you to figure out what is the best fit for you.

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