Limitless Team

Dr. Amitha Jocie Mundenchira
Dr. Amitha Jocie Mundenchira is a family physician with over 10 years of clinical experience and with a MBA in medical management. She is also an emerging artist under the avatars Abhithi and VJ Amitha. She has trained in different styles of dancing and has performed with different dance companies to large audiences; her current style focus is in indo-contemporary. As singer Abhithi, she has released two music videos. Her acting and modelling skills have landed her roles in theatre and in print commercials. Non-fiction writing is another passion – she has many published articles to her credit. As VJ Amitha, she has her own talk show called SPOTLIGHT on Zee TV Canada and she hosts many community events. The combination of her medical and artistic backgrounds allows her to actively participate in promoting health and wellness at both prevention and treatment stages. She also believes in practising what she preaches – this helps her to motivate her clients better and to tailor her services according to individual client needs.


Alexia D’Amato
Alexia is a yoga instructor, dancer, choreographer and teacher. She became interested in yoga through her dance training where she witnessed first hand the many benefits of yoga as it has become a part of her everyday life. She is trained in Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga and her classes are influenced by many different forms. She enjoys teaching both children and adults and has found that integrating yoga into peoples’ lives can be extremely beneficial to their emotional, physical and intellectual development. Alexia’s style of teaching is fun and innovative and she is dedicated to spreading her enthusiasm to people of all ages and encouraging them to find their own passion and love of yoga.

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Shafik Kamani
A self-proclaimed artistic mad man, Shafik is a creative artist who lives in a world of his imagination while exploring the many facets of his creativity through dance, painting, photography and design.

Whether he paints, dances or designs, his artwork is expressive and exhibits the brute force of his passion. He is 100% committed to produce quality work that pushes boundaries.

As a performer and artist his creativity on the dance floor stems from his drive to tell stories in their RAW format combined with his love for visual painting. Shafik’s ability to push personal boundaries partnered with his ability to expose himself on stage makes him a dynamic and engaging performer.

He has studied dance under the direction of Joanna Das of MDO Studios, Jason Murray of Upstage Productions, Jose Carret of Ballet Creol and Ashima Suri of Limitless Productions. Recently he had the opportunity to choreograph his first piece “little lies”, and is excited to further explore this artistic adventure.

It is evident that his passion as an artist stems from a deep place within himself. He credits his loved ones for providing him with a sense of fluid creativity and for continually inspiring and encouraging him.