I AM Limitless is committed to providing engaging events, workshops and retreats. I AM Limitless works on building community by providing creative ways in exploring personal and professional development. Through a discovery of new and innovative ways of connecting with each other, we focus on providing a community-based experience that can leave individuals feeling uplifted and inspired. In addition, through this section, we promote our partners events or workshops to continue building on community and personal and professional development.

I AM Limitless recognizes that we are global community and that we are one. It is a dream of ours to help others connect with themselves and with each other. Thus, we also provide online workshops and special events to keep people connected and inspired.

Information on some of our classes & workshops can be found in the Health & Wellness section.

Recent and Upcoming Events

Recently, we performed and taught some Bolly Yoga at the North York Community House. It was a success and we are honoured to have been part of this great event.

Bolly Yoga will also be at:

Also coming up…

I AM Limitless Launch event – Date TBA!