“Bring love into your home for this is where our love for each other must start.” – Mother Theresa



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Client Testimonials

“…thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of the conference today. I meant it when I said it was a true honour to be part of such an incredible organization. You truly are making the local community of Toronto a better place…” – Spencer West | Motivational Speaker/Leadership Facilitator/World Change Warrior | Me to We

“…you were an absolute hit.” – Shawn Ferguson, Job Developer, Workplace Essential Skills Partnership (WESP)

“Once again, a stellar presentation Ashima! The clients loved your presentation, as did I.” – Michelle Pandith, Employment Specialist

“…Ash was informative & dynamic… interactive & informative… I felt that I learned more about myself today.” –Participant

“…Tested my comfort zone… Very well done.” – Participant

“I liked the way Ashima engaged the group… I really enjoyed the seminar.” – Participant

“I’m very grateful to everyone who helped me get this job – especially you! I can’t thank you enough for your genuine care and concern, in the workshops… for critiquing my resume, which all helped me to develop some confidence in myself. … You really made a difference in my life, and I’m very appreciative of that!” – Steve (participant)

“I met Ashima when I was at a crossroads, unhappy with my career path and not knowing where to turn next. With her guidance, I secured a volunteer position which ultimately led to discovering my true calling. I went back to school and have a wonderful position that fulfills me in ways I never thought possible. Ashima is uplifting and wise, supportive and caring – a true gifted spirit!” – Debra Mcgraw (participant)

Dance Reviews

“The impressive cast is well rehearsed and choreographed/ directed by Ashima Suri.” – Michael Crabb, Toronto Star

“Ashima Suri is spell-binding… her dance is intricate and unique and it leaves you entranced and engaged.” – Damion LeClair

“Ashima Suri’s dynamic dance ranges from confrontational to comforting. Suri captivates her audience.” – Crystal Jonasson

“Limitless Productions is the brainchild of Ashima Suri…. Limitless Productions have awaken the consciences of a community which seems ready. A powerful show that is certainly going to keep the discussion for a change in attitude toward the abused and political changes in terms of immigration on the minds of the community. The production also touched on the effects the difficulties of the marginalized, gender inequality, and spousal abuse, is having on relationship building on the youths in society today.” – Carlos Ferguson

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Bolly Yoga at the 2015 BMO Seeds Fund Neighbourhood Arts Network


Ashima Suri


Rehearsal for the Feminist Art Conference (http://factoronto.org/)


All women's yoga at the Thorncliffe Neighborhood Organization