“Ashima conducted Yoga Classes at our community agency for our Diabetes Prevention Program. The classes were excellent and were appreciated by the participants; Ashima really tailored each session to the needs of the participants and made sure they were all welcome and comfortable. The classes were very calming and enriching to their lives and all participants gave wonderful feedback and expressed how much they wanted to continue the classes.”
~ Daniela Boeri, Settlement Counsellor, Thorncliffe
“Ashima Suri is an inspiring and very knowledgeable teacher. She creates a space in which you feel safe, grounded, held, and heard. She celebrates you where you are at and empowers you to be exactly who you are. Her classes are transformative and full of practical wisdom you can take off the mat with you. In one class, I was able to bring awareness to the pain I held in my body for years and with her loving and compassionate assistance I was able to finally let it go.”
~ Reena Parikh, CEO Anandam Yoga & Wellness
“Got my best lotus move on!”
~ Paul Ferreira, Politician

What makes you feel alive?

What makes you want to jump out of bed and get your day started?

How do you find calm in a chaotic world?

It is often said that the universe is inside of you. That all the answers you need are within you. But how do you get there when there is so much going. Whether you are a corporate leader or a busy mom, this section is dedicated to providing ways in discovering your limitless selves.

I AM LIMITLESS offers a series of empowering wellness-related workshops and classes tailor-made to suit your needs. Facilitated by Founder Ashima Suri and other trained teachers, the tabs below list the workshops and classes that are offered.

The journey of strength is not made out of angst or antagonism, but is an expression of the limitless potential of the human spirit. – Kino

Mindful Meditation – 30-minute / 60-minute / 90-minute

Beginning with a guided meditation, the mindful meditation session focuses on releasing stress and tension in the body. Open to all levels, this is a powerful meditation session that helps with opening up the chakras, connecting with the intuition and listening to the higher self.

Mindful meditation walk

In this guided meditation walk, the session focuses on releasing stress and tension in the body. The meditative walk takes participants in a journey of awareness and observation. It ends with a nice treat at the end!

Detox Yoga (60-min or 90-min)

A drop-in or a yoga class series focusing on cleansing and detoxing. Tips are provided on healthy eating options following class.

Bolly Yoga

A fun, interactive, motivating yoga dance workshop series designed to uplift and inspire. Bolly-yoga integrates classic Bollywood tunes with inspirational messaging. It weaves in story-telling to create impact and empower others.

Yoga for Diabetes Prevention (50-minutes)

Gentle yoga that focuses on opening up the chakras and working especially on the thyroid.

Overcoming trauma and healing with yoga (60-min, 90-min or 3-hour workshop)

An intensive and healing yoga flow (Yin) followed by a supportive and therapeutic discussion. Privates available.

Power Vinyasa Yoga – 50-minute / 90-minute

Release tensions and tap into your inner power in this 50-minute power yoga class. The class is geared towards generating momentum and energizing the body. Strengthen your focus as you release blockages, awaken your soul and shine your inner light.

Opening the heart in a Gentle Yoga Flow w/ Yin – 90-minute class

Connect with your authentic self as we move through a gentle yoga flow taping into our inner divine self. This class focuses on opening up the heart and letting go of what is no longer needed.

Mindfulness Yoga (can be 50-minutes / 90 or 2 hours with meditation)

Using the principles of Hatha and integrating intentional mudras (hand gestures), this class is geared to opening up the chakras through conscious breath work.

Yin Yoga with meditation and philosophy – 90 minutes

Quite the mind and release scattering thoughts in this beautiful, calming and soulful Yin and meditation class. It is followed by philosophy on living intentionally and with purpose.

Awaken Your Chakras – 90 minutes or 2-hours
Live chanting/music through flow and meditation

Tap into the universe inside of you as awaken the chakras within. Create space for reflection and discover new ways to rejuvenate the soul. Learn how sound can open up the mind, body and soul in a powerful and meaningful way.

Indo-contemporary Dance Theatre Workshop Series – 60-min / 90-min / 2-hours

Indo-contemporary is a blend of Indian classical and Contemporary dance. Learn the foundations of Indo-contemporary dance, performance and story-telling methods.

Family / Community Yoga – 60-min / 90-min / 2-hours

In this fun and interactive class / workshop, participants learn the principles of yoga while also connecting with each other. A great class for parents and kids to bond and stay healthy!

EMpowerment for Women (3 hours includes meditation and gentle flow):

Through active listening, storytelling and community engagement, this workshop honours women as spiritual, nurturing and powerful warriors. In the interactive workshop, women get an opportunity to release and discover new ways to connect with themselves and each other. Based on the foundations of love, this motivating and inspiring workshop focuses on self-care and self-worth.

BEcoming Limitless series workshops (4 workshops) (2-hours with meditation – 10-12pm)

Consciousness Living

Tap into your inner power in this powerful Consciousness Living workshop. Become mindful and aware of the words we tell our self. Through mindful breath work, affirmations and gratitude, a shift can begin to occur in becoming our limitless selves.

De-clutter Your Space; De-clutter Your Mind

It is said that the space we are in is a reflection of what is happening in our minds. Learn the tools needed in de-cluttering your space to de-clutter your mind. Become aware of the environment you live in and mindful of what energies you hold inside and out.

Creating Healthy Empowering Habits

Yoga is about being disciplined, in a loving way. Become conscious of the habits and beliefs you have while integrating new empowering ways of living. Create an action plan that gives you a focus and create accountability to help you stay focused.

Dream BIG
Vision Boarding

There is strength in opening up and becoming vulnerable. Expressing ones dreams is part of that. It comes from a place deep within. In this creative workshop, discover your inner passions and create a vision board that is centered around love and being limitless.

Post-natal and Pre-natal Workshops for moms
Coming soon!

Enjoy a private or semi-private yoga session delivered by a qualified yoga instructor to meet your needs. Sessions are 60-minutes, 90-minutes or 2-hours.

For private sessions, please connect via email at info@iamlimitless.ca.

 Coming Soon: A calendar listing classes and workshops in your area! Stay Tuned!

Some Examples Of Our Classes (YouTube links):