What we say about ourselves becomes our reality. Too often many live in a state of disempowerment. The idea behind just living to survive is becoming a thing of the past. I AM LIMITLESS focuses on truly living in an affirmative and empowering way. Whether it is in helping create inspired personal or business brands or it is through affirmative driven workshops that focus on being empowered and limitless, I AM LIMITLESS is a powerful tool to inspire and motive life-changing growth.

Founded by Ashima Suri, I AM LIMITLESS is already a brand that is known in countries such as Japan and France. Ashima founded I AM LIMITLESS with the desire to empower others by creating engaging, inclusive and accessible coaching, workshops and resources. She has a non-conventional approach in her coaching but the end result is always the same. Personal empowerment.

I AM LIMITLESS is built on a team of diverse experts really representing the clients that the organization serves. It has been important for Ashima to integrate diversity and inclusivity in everything she does. Her team is no exception. Led by Ashima, the team fosters authenticity in the work it provides. It is passionate, driven and above all, love-based. Everything comes from the heart .

I AM LIMITLESS team & advisory board

We are are looking for savvy, professional and creative individuals to join our team or advisory board. To find out more on how to become involved contact info@iamlimitless.ca. 


In creating a global community, we believe in giving back and helping the next generation to be empowered!

We will be building an I AM Limitless school in India (to begin). Part of the payment for some of our yoga classes, privates, semi-private and Coaching goes into helping to build an I AM LIMITLESS school in India. The school will offer dance, theatre and yoga in their curriculum while also offering basic education for children to help them thrive.

There will be an emphasis on providing additional support for mothers in the community while also creating special workshops for girl empowerment. We will keep you updated on the progress of the school on this site.

If you would like to contribute further to building the school please send us an email at info@iamlimitless.ca.