Even though Ashima’s name means Limitless, she didn’t always lead a limitless life. Having gone through numerous set-backs, failures and rejections, Ashima’s journey was indeed a bumpy one. With every fall and doubt, she sunk deeper into a darkness. Until one day she reached a point where she grabbed for her wings and started to fly. But the flying didn’t come to her automatically and it wasn’t always easy. Yet, Ashima started to believe in being limitless. She set a strong intention in living an empowered and purposeful life. And so with each creation, she started to flap her wings. She created Limitless Productions, an Indo-contemporary dance theatre that uses performance art as a tool for social change. She created numerous programs serving persons with disabilities and youth with chronic conditions. She worked with women to empower, motivate and inspire. She formed sustaining partnerships that would lead her to more co-creation. And when she became a mother, she discovered a new focus and from that new focus came the desire to create I AM LIMITLESS. Ashima is a Communications & Media graduate with certifications in Yoga and Life Skills. She is a student of life and believes in practicing what she preaches. She is not limited to a title and instead lives her life from the inside out. Her strongest purpose is to empower others and open hearts. Due to her own past, she knows how important it is to have the right mentors, teachers and coaches. And how a support network can change lives forever. She hopes that I AM LIMITLESS can be that place to go to for anyone around the world.